Nobody Has To Know 试听

 演唱歌手:Craig David
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wa sa
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Aww, aww
Aww baby, yeah
Ooh girl, ooh girl
Just can't help the way I feel for you, yeah yeah

Finished work, driving through the rain on my way home
Feeling tired, listen to your message on my cell phone
Thought about all the things you said
You sounded down, were feeling low
(We need to speak, so hit me back)
So I made the call and that's when
Girl, you said that girl, you wanted me around
Cause your man just keeps on letting you down
I know I could do things for you that no other man could do
If only you allow me too


Girl, I want to take you for a ride
Take you to a place somewhere to hide
Girl, you know we'd takes things nice and slow
Nobody has to know
Girl, I wanna take you somewhere
Take you to a place no one there
We could take things nice and slow nobody has to know

And you know I'll never do you wrong
That's why the way he treat you
I can't understand it (yeah, yeah)
You never know a thing till it's gone
Caught in a storm not knowing what you want
I knew from the time I met you (things weren't right)
Know that I just can't stand around you (while he just lies)
At you, kids you, tells you that there's
No other girl like you, while he just cheats on you
Girl, you said that so why do you always take him back
You know its way too late for that
When you could be riding next to me
I'll just take things real slow and treat you like a real lady
Girl, so what's it gonna be


When you can't get to sleep at night (and you shed a tear)
And your feeling really lonely girl (just remember, I'm here)
You can always confide in me anytime
Let me know what's on your mind (what's on your mind)
Girl I can tell by your eyes
Everytime that we meet (everytime that we meet)
You're tired of me to be swept off your feet (swept off your feet)
You know that it goes without saying I'll be here
And ready to show you the things you need in your life


Girl, I want to take you for a ride, aww yeah [2x]
Take you to a place somewhere to hide, oh baby [2x]
Girl, you know we'd take things nice and slow
(Girl, I wanna be there for you lady)
Nobody has to know (oh yeah)
Girl I want to take you somewhere (nobody has to know 2x)
Take you to a place no one there we can take things nice and slow
Nobody has to know